To help students understand the various career opportunities and provide an overview of the verticals in the film industry, we will be organizing multiple workshops and seminars as part of ICFF.


Career Design Workshop

Schools are the first and one of many major platforms where students discover what motivates and inspires them. Unfortunately, it has been found that most of the students fail to recognize their talents to suit their passion. But to create a strong foundation for a career, Career Designing is a mandatory step that every individual must concentrate on. Through our special Career Design workshops, ICFF aims to help students to identify their talents and passions, work on their skills and make themselves future ready.


Individual Development Plan Workshop

Different individuals have varied requirements and aspirations, but they often need guidance to find out just that. This workshop will allow you to identify, elucidate and commit to your professional and personal goals and help you stick to them. It will also help you learn about your career development path and the opportunities ahead. Our Individual Development plan is focused on assisting students in analyzing their core strengths, finding growth areas, and learning how to plan their careers.


Career Opportunity Seminars

Career Opportunity seminars will allow you to understand the various opportunities in the film industry. The workshop will be conducted by experts and specialists with years of expertise in their respective fields.