Dani Schoffman

Visual Content Creator

Dani Schoffman is an award-winning visual content creator. He graduated with honors from the Film Department at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2016. After completing his studies, he shifted to Myanmar, where he started his production company. He has since then worked in many commercials, music videos, and documentaries and won an award for a 22-minute film in Burmese. Dani moved back to Tel Aviv in 2019 and started another production company with his sister. He is the co-director of New Media at the Nation Foundation, an NGO that supports local schools in Uganda.


Carlos Coelho Costa

Film Director

PhD in Art and Design from the University of Porto since 2018. University Professor at Universidade da Maia since 2015, researcher at Citei (Center for Research in Technologies and Intermediate Studies) and collaborator in eHeritageLab, New Media Laboratory for the Heritage of the university of Porto since 2018. Founder of Produtora Megalito Media, film and television director and producer, having so far, I have won more 300 International film awards. Member of the academic committee National Creative arts Fundation, California. Artistic Director Festival International De Cinema Et De Memoire Commune- Nador, Maroc.