Why IFC?

  • Support and exclusive mentorship for running film club activities
  • Free sourcing of films via IFS archives/ library
  • Career Guidance on the endless opportunities in the Film Industry
  • Career Guidance on how to enter industries
  • Special preference will be given to club members when campus placement opportunities open
  • Free entry for club members to attend selected industry workshops and seminars
  • Discounted entry for club members to attend paid industry workshops and seminars
  • Free entry to film events hosted by IFS
  • Privilege to the club members to submit their films free of cost to the International Campus Film Festival
  • Special consideration will be given to the organizing committee of the film club to take part in networking events conducted by the IFS
  • The successful and selected members of the film club will get a special recognition certificate at the end of each year
    (* Rules and regulations apply).


  • IFC helps students to update their knowledge about filmmaking and various film industry opportunities.
  • IFC will screen quality and innovative films on campus, allowing students to enjoy world classics and notable and award-winning films.
  • IFC will support conducting workshops, seminars, and webinars for students to develop the skills required for the Film Industry.
  • Students will have an opportunity to create short films/educational videos and showcase them among the who's who of the film industry
  • IFC will support and help students to showcase their talents through its various events. These include Indywood Talent Hunt (the biggest international talent scout for young talented aspirants who wish to make their mark in the cinema industry) International Campus Film Festival (an exclusive film festival for the students) and more.
  • Film Club will provide students career guidance and career design support to help them gain insight into the different verticals of the film industry
  • Film Club will allow students to volunteer at Indywood Film Society's various events and film festivals to provide them with more networking opportunities and industrial experience.