Indywood Film Club (IFC) is a premier platform to nurture next-generation filmmakers in the global film industry, designed exclusively for the student community. Our aim is to familiarize students (at school, college, and university levels) with the worldwide film industry and encourage them to learn and excel in all aspects of filmmaking, including promotion and distribution. Indywood Film Club will act as a bridge between campus and the global film industry to promote cross- cultural awareness, exchange of ideas, and social understanding. We will also initiate career guidance to the students and facilitate them to get placements in related industries of their talents, particularly in the film industry but not limited to.

Indywood Film Club will also screen quality and innovative films on campus, allowing students to enjoy world classics and notable and award-winning films. We shall also enable students to interact with like-minded peers to help expand their network and knowledge. In a nutshell, we aim to offer students educational, professional, and networking opportunities with the who's who of the industry. Students will also experience a never before chance to walk the red carpet at film festivals conducted by the Indywood Film Society (IFS) with the cast & crew of their movies and win some exciting awards and prizes.


  • To offer a dynamic platform to budding student artists/ filmmakers to showcase and develop their talents.
  • To provide training opportunities and awareness of the diverse facets and possibilities in the film industry
  • To be a premier outlet for the next generation of filmmakers.
  • To give students at colleges and universities a chance to tell their stories through film.
  • To initiate new generation Exhibition Centres in India.
  • To develop an attitude of Social Responsibility, Positive Thinking, Adaptability, Teamwork, Leadership & Respect for fellow beings.


  • To become a creative platform for the next generation of filmmakers to tell their stories, inspire hope & provoke change.
  • To cultivate interest in students towards the creative world & showcase their skills in Art/ Direction/ DOP/ Editing through international film events run by Indywood Film Society
  • To foster the culture of Cinema & to provide proper Career Guidance towards Talent Development at a young age.
  • Promote and encourage good film culture by extending support to innovative films and film festivals.