The Cochin College

Cochin College Launches Film Club in association with Indywood Film Society, Conducts Hands-On Film Production Training Session

In a recent development, Cochin College has officially inaugurated its Film Club in association with the Indywood Film Society. As part of this initiative, a hands-on training session in film production was organized on August 8th at 11:45 am.

The primary objective of this training session was to equip participants with practical experience and in-depth knowledge pertaining to the different aspects involved in shooting a film. The session aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes and techniques utilized in film production.

Under the guidance of industry experts and professionals, participants were given the opportunity to actively engage in the various stages of film production. Additionally, participants gained practical expertise in handling cameras, lighting setups, and sound recording during the production phase.

The Film Club of Cochin College, established as a joint venture with the Indywood Film Society, seeks to foster a passion for filmmaking among the student community. Through regular workshops, seminars, and practical training sessions, the Film Club aims to provide a platform for students to explore their creative abilities and expand their horizons within the realm of cinema.

This recent hands-on training session in film production marks an important milestone for the Film Club and its endeavours to enhance the practical skills of aspiring filmmakers. With the successful completion of this session, the Film Club looks forward to organizing more such events in the future, thereby nurturing the potential talents of Cochin College students in the field of filmmaking.