An Educational Theatre for Attapady Students.

The Students of Government Vocational Higher Secondary School at Attappady had a different kind of “heavenly experience” last week in their school hall named Swargam (Meaning Heaven).

The Hall on the fourth floor of the school building, from where one can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Attappady, turned into a theatre with a magnificent sound system, thanks to the philanthropic support of Sohan Roy’s Aries Group.

Help in seminars
Dr.Roy’s team converted the hall into an education theatre by setting up a high end audio-visual system with the objective of providing the students “an incredible experience while attending seminars and classes”.

According to Dr.Roy, founder of Aries Plex SL Cinemas and Chief Executive Officer of the Sharjah based Aries Group, the education theatre was born out of the revolutionary idea of education through entertainment.

“The theatre has crystal clear 4K resolution projection system. It includes a staggering acoustic system to make the sound enjoyable, theatre chairs with cup holders, a theatre-like sound system and projection screen, a theatre- style gallery structure for clear screen viewing, and more, “says Dr.Roy.

The theatre is designed to conduct seminars and classes. It has an automated lighting system that allows the teacher to control the lighting during the class.

Film Club formed.
A Film club was formed at the school with the objective of introducing world cinema to the students. “We want them to organise film festivals in the school, and develop their artistic and leadership skills through film discussions and reviews”. Says Dr.Roy, while inaugurating the theatre last week.

PTA president V.K.James presided over the function. District panchayat member Neethu P.C and Deputy Director of Education P.V. Manoj Kumar spoke. Mr.Kumar received the key of the digital theatre classroom from Dr.Roy. Dr.Roy also released the logo of a music video titled Poochi which was shot at Attappady.

Credits and copyright : The Hindu